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The Resturant

The restaurant details

We have two spacious dining rooms, one of which can be used for private functions
Where Fyvie bridge club regularly meet
We also cater for small weddings, and bus tours are also welcome with arranged menu's



Chefs Specials

Chefs specials are available, and change each week.


Homemade Soup of the Day served with bread roll £3.50 

Prawn Cocktail £5.00 

Garlic Mushrooms £4.50 

Chicken Liver Pate £5.00 

Potato Wedges £4.50 

Vale Bruchetta £5.00 

Garlic Bread £2.50 


8oz Fillet Steak £19.00 

10oz Sirloin Steak £16.00 

10oz Rib Eye Steak £16.00 

Vale Mixed Grill £12.00 

Steak, black pudding, haggis, bacon, sausage and egg Please state your preference for steak 

8oz Gammon Steak £10.00 

Served with pineapple or egg All served with onion rings, tomato and mushrooms 

Sauces – Pepper – Diane – Whisky – Garlic – Mushroom - £4.50 


Sausage, bacon, black pudding, egg, tomato, mushroom, hash brown, beans and tea/coffee with toast 


Roast Beef £9.50 

Served with Yorkshire Pudding and Skirlie 

Steak and Ale Pie £9.50 

Steak pieces and gravy with a pastry top 

Hungarian Goulash £10.00 

Beef cooked in sauce with natural yoghurt, tomatoes, peppers and paprika served with rice. 

Spicy Beef Stir-fry £10.00 

Beef stir fried with peppers, vegetables, bean sprouts in a spicy sauce. 

BLT Homemade Beefburger £9.50 

Served in a bun with side salad. 

Lamb Shank £11.00 Served on a bed of mash with mint gravy. 

Chips and vegetables served with meals where appropriate. 


Chicken Maryland £10.00 

Chicken, banana, pineapple all coated in breadcrumbs, bacon, mushroom and onion rings. 

Spicy Chicken Stir-fry £10.00 

Chicken stir fried with peppers, vegetables, bean sprouts in a spicy sauce. 

Mexican Chicken £10.00 

 Rice filled tortilla basket covered with chicken in a spicy tomato sauce and topped with cheese.

Peppered Chicken £10.00 

 Chicken cooked in a peppercorn and brandy sauce served with rice. 

Chicken Caledonia £10.00 

Chicken breast with a slice of haggis drizzled with a Drambuie sauce and served with rice. 

Chicken Sweet and Sour £8.50 

Battered chicken fillets covered with sauce and a bed of rice. 

BLT Homemade Chicken burger £8.50 

Served in a bun with side salad. 


Poached Salmon £10.00 

Served with a parsley sauce. 

Breaded Scampi £9.50 

Whole tail scampi, deep fried, served with side salad. 

Deep Fried Haddock £9.50 

Haddock fillet coated in batter or breadcrumbs, served with side salad. 

Rolled Haddock in a Mornay Sauce £9.50 

Baked haddock fillet in a creamy cheddar cheese sauce.

You can also have smoked haddock as above. 

Vale Curries £10.00

Tandoori - Korma - Madras 

Choose between beef, chicken or lamb served with rice and poppadom 


Lasagne Al Forno £9.00 

 Layered pasta with bolognaise sauce, topped with cheese served with garlic bread and salad. 

Vegetarian Lasagne £9.00 

Vegetables infused in a tomato sauce with layers of pasta covered with a cheese sauce, served with garlic bread and salad. 

Lentil Croquettes £9.00 

Served with a parsley sauce. 

Vegetable Curry 


All salads are freshly prepared to order 

Beef or Ham or Chicken or a mixed £9.50 

Tuna £9.50 

Prawn or Salmon £11.00


Deep Fried Haddock 

Beef burger in a bun 

Chicken burger in a bun

Chicken Fillets 

Macaroni Cheese 


Roast Beef 

Mince and tatties 

Sausages and mash 


All above served with beans or vegetables or salad and chips. 


As per specials board – ask your waiter 

SWEETS £4.50 

Ask your waiter for the board. 


Tea or Coffee per Cup £2.00 

 Pot of Tea £4.00 - Cafetiere of Coffee £5.00 

Or Liqueur coffee £5.00 

Irish (whisky) 

French (brandy) 

Caribbean (rum) 

Russian (vodka) 

Or spirit of your choice 

Please note that to the best of our knowledge and as far as reasonable and practical. The produce we use in the preparation of our food dishes does not contain genetically modified ingredients. Some of our dishes may contain nuts or nut derivatives. We like to source most of our produce locally where possible.

All our dishes are prepared from fresh so therefore take that little bit longer to cook.
Thank you for your custom and we look forward to seeing you again.